Frequently Asked Questions

Q?Do I need to come by a showroom to order?

Definitely not! We have been helping customers with embroidery orders all over the country for many years. We can help with everything from product selection to design options, process and ship your order without ever having to meet in person. Our showrooms are meant as a convenience for local customers so they can pick between some of the more popular styles of Polo shirts, hats and Tees. But even then orders are processed and fulfilled through our sales and corporate office.

Q?Do I have to provide the shirt design, or can you help?

If you already have a shirt designed, or an in house designer we are happy to work with their graphics. We can also often arrange existing graphics and text at no cost to meet your needs.

However, if you require a custom shirt design from scratch we can provide amazing garment design services through several partners who are among the best in the industry. We take care of it all, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Most shirt design work is a flat fee of $100, and is waived on orders of 200 shirts or more.

Q?Do you offer wholesale embroidery to the industry?

We do not offer wholesale embroidery. However, if you have a large or ongoing opportunity we would be willing to discuss a commission for referring it to us.

Q?Can you embroider items I already own?

Due to our structure, we are not well suited to take in other peoples property and add embroidery. So in most cases, the answer is no. However, if you have a large quantity, or it is something we could not procure for you, feel free to ask. We may consider it.

Q?What is digitizing, what does it cost?

Any time you want to embroider a graphic onto a shirt, hat, jacket or any item you will need a digitized graphic file. This is a lot more than just an image, it contains all the details for each and every stitch needed to sew your logo or graphic. It also can include information like thread color, and even some machine settings.

We offer full service digitizing of any graphic. it is best to send us what is called a vector graphic such as an Adobe illustrator file, or .eps file. However, we can work with a high quality .jpg, .gif or even .bmp. So send us what you have and we will do the work to convert it. Once this is done, you should not have to pay for it ever again and we can provide your digitized file upon request. The cost for digitizing is $75.00 and may be waived or included in orders over $1,000.

Q?What is your minimum order quantity?

Our goal is to be able to meet the needs of all customers and all projects, big or small. However, all custom shirts require setup time and take time to process, include order entry, preparing the garments and setting up screens or machines. To resolve this issue, our policy is that orders under 10 pcs receive a $40 small order fee. This just helps offset all of our setup and processing costs so that we can afford to help with these small orders.

The good news, is that you can always just bump your order up to 10 pcs, or if you really only need one or two, we can still help! This also means you can get our best prices on your initial uniforms to outfit your office, but can still buy fill in quantities for new employees at a reasonable price.