The T-Shirt Design Delimma – Who can help?

I have noticed a pattern in our industry that has left many customers disappointed in the process of ordering T-shirts for their event, team or company. Most T-shirt and printing shops are one man (or woman) operations run by an owner-operator who does everything for the company. Even larger businesses often have one in-house graphics person who does a wide variety of graphic design for signs, shirts, banners and more. They view shirt design as more of a necessary evil to get your order, instead of something they are passionate about and focused on.

But hiring a separate designer just to get a shirt made adds a lot of work, and can be very expensive. It is tough to develop a new design relationship for one small project and you still don’t know what you will get. Plus you end up paying more, because the shirt printer will discount your design services to get the order but a designer won’t.

The end result all too often is people settle for a sub-par or very basic design from their local shop. It works, but they don’t leave excited about what they ended up with.

At Portland Apparel, we believe we have a great solution to this problem. With the advent of technology, top designers can work on projects from anywhere in the country (or the world). We have built relationships with some of the best T-shirt and garment designers we have ever seen. They have years of experience designing specifically for printed garments, so they know what to consider in the design process to keep costs down and quality high. Because we continue to work with them, they do their best work for us and we have negotiated great pricing which we pass along to you.

So now you can get a high end, professional design that will wow you, and still work with a local apparel company with a convenient location and quick delivery. We have our designers portfolios available online and at all of our showrooms so you can pick the designer who’s style and experience best fits with your preferences. Most complete designs cost just $100, and are free with any shirt order over 200pcs.

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