Logo Digitizing Service

Logo Digitizing – Preparing Your Logo for Embroidery

If this is your first time having your logo embroidered, you may not be familiar with the term digitizing. This is the process of converting your graphic into a pattern of stitches that an embroidery machine can use to sew your image onto a shirt or jacket. It may seem like a simple conversion, but there are a lot of factors professional digitizer must consider to make sure the end result looks as good as you should expect. When done wrong, a digitized file can lead to gaps in the stitches, puckering of the garment, or a loose logo that will fall apart over time.

The more complex your design, the more work it is to setup the colors, sewing parameters and the order of stitches to ensure a quality result. Digitizing can range from a simple computer conversion, to an intricate series of different stitch types to add a 3d texture or to blend mutiple color threads into a gradient.

At Portland Apparel, we are happy to accept and utilize your existing digitized files in most standard embroidery formats for your order. If you have already paid to have this done and are happy with the result, that is awesome. Should you need digitizing, we can do the work in house or if it is complex, send it to a high end career digitizer for conversion. Most logos cost $75 to digitize and you own the created file. So you can use it in the future to order from us or any other company you choose. It is rare to have it cost more than that, but for a full back graphic like you might see on a Rodeo or Biker jacket we will quote you prior to proceeding.

The bottom line is this, whatever type of graphic or design you already have we can help you get it ready for embroidery, and then apply it to any garment or item you would like. Just give us a call or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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