T-Shirt Design in Portland

T-Shirt Design by Portland Apparel

The first step when you need T-shirts for your group, company or event is the design. While some companies have large departments or design firms they can use for this, many of us are left on our own to come up with the design for our promotional T-shirts. One common issue when working with a local apparel provider can be that they only want to do the printing, but don’t offer design services. Some may offer a free or paid design, but it may not be the most professional or impressive work you would prefer to have. We believe all of our T-shirt customers deserve a premium professional quality design that will enhance the image of our customer, and be something people will want to keep and wear which in turn promotes the event for future years and to other potential attendees.

We have solved this problem by building relationship with several top T-shirt designers in the US. Our ongoing relationship and ensures that the quality you will receive will be top notch. We only continue to work with designers that regularly wow our customers with their efforts. To give you a choice in this matter, we provide portfolios for you to review so you can pick the designer who’s style and past work best fits your preferences. We will manage all the communication to make sure you end up with a design you love, and one that will translate well to a top printed shirt design.

When you place an order over 200 shirts, we provide this design service at no cost to you. If you have a smaller order, but still would like our professional design services it is only $100, with your satisfaction being 100% guaranteed. We also have in-house basic design services if your needs are basic and you have a logo or graphic that just needs additional text or layout help. We are happy to help as much as we can, but we prefer to use our design team for most projects because we want you to be amazed by the result, not just happy.

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