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T-Shirt Design in Portland

T-Shirt Design by Portland Apparel The first step when you need T-shirts for your group, company or event is the design. While some companies have large departments or design firms they can use for this, many of us are left on our own to come up with the design for our promotional T-shirts. One common issue when working with a local apparel provider can be that they only want to do the printing, but don’t offer design services. Some may offer a free or paid design, but it may not be the most professional or impressive work you would prefer to have. We believe all of our T-shirt customers deserve a premium professional quality design that will enhance the image of our customer, and be something people will want to keep and wear which in turn promotes the event for future years and to other...

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Logo Digitizing Service

Logo Digitizing – Preparing Your Logo for Embroidery If this is your first time having your logo embroidered, you may not be familiar with the term digitizing. This is the process of converting your graphic into a pattern of stitches that an embroidery machine can use to sew your image onto a shirt or jacket. It may seem like a simple conversion, but there are a lot of factors professional digitizer must consider to make sure the end result looks as good as you should expect. When done wrong, a digitized file can lead to gaps in the stitches, puckering of the garment, or a loose logo that will fall apart over time. The more complex your design, the more work it is to setup the colors, sewing parameters and the order of stitches to ensure a quality result. Digitizing can range from a simple...

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Responsive Local Service

Local Service – Responsive to Your Needs Portland is not just in our name, it is what we are about. We know that there are hundreds of options online and around town you can choose from. While we love it when people support local small businesses like us, that has to be a secondary consideration. What you really need is the best product, done right, on time and under budget. Being local means we care about our local customers. Our company is built on your referrals and the reputation we earn by taking care of our local customers. Local can also mean fast. Of course we have standard lead times to make sure our flow of work is smooth and consistent. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get the job done fast when needed. We have same day access to a huge variety of polo’s,...

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